Schema Therapy-based psychological counselling tailored to the individual

Personalised assessment and psychological counselling with Bence Péter Bíró

Book a 100% confidential, no-obligation survey at a discounted price of 30 000 HUF (it is also possible to pay in other currencies at the current exchange rate)! Let's discuss in person whether you need me.

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Prof. dr. emőke BAGDY

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist

on the Business Burnout Bible:

"Congratulations to the author, Bence, an authoritative and humble professional. I will recommend his book from now on as the best burnout textbook for everyone, from burnout onwards!"

Schema Therapy-based psychological counselling

Whatever surface is comfortable for you:

Subsequent work can be done in person in Budapest, in the XIII district, or online, with the survey session taking place online only.

What do you get in a survey session with Bence?

Firstly, we will assess whether I am the most credible professional support for the goals you have in mind, and I can assess whether I can provide you with the right support within my competence. This way, we can both make sure that it will be workable for us to work together with a minimum six-month commitment. This will of course be done in complete confidentiality. The survey session will last about 30 minutes.

1. What happens before the call?

You'll receive an email from me within 24 hours. If you have the time and inclination, you can send me an introduction of yourself so that I can prepare "you".

And you can think about what kind of results you expect from our work together.

2. What happens during the call?

I will ask you in detail to understand you and see if I can help you in a personalised way. If so, we can discuss the first step of working together.

3. What happens after the call?

If there is mutual sympathy and a good professional background, we will decide whether to commit to working together. The average treatment plan for a schema therapy is typically 1-3 years, so six months is the minimum period of time to commit. Of course, the process can be continued afterwards if necessary.

Your supporter, 

Bence Péter Bíró 

Despite my young age, I have 8 years of experience as an entrepreneur and 7 years as a consultant. I have 11 years of self-awareness behind me. I graduated in psychology from Pázmány Péter Catholic University, and I have a degree in work and organisational psychology from Eötvös Lóránd University. Specifically, I have been studying the professional background of the method of Schema Therapy for 6 years, I have used it in 3 thesis works, and I have 2 years of experience as a client, as I have been going to Schema Therapy myself. My writing has also been published on Mihály Csíkszentmihályi's international blog for managers. It is important for me to keep up to date with the latest professional developments, which is why I regularly attend professional training courses.

My qualification: schema consultant
My supervision is done by Dr. Tünde Vankó.

Briefly about Schema Therapy:

Based on neuroscience, Schema Therapy combines meditation, spirituality, positive psychology, emotional and mind work, psychoanalysis, hypnosis, childhood experiences, behavioural changes, relationship models and much more. A clear, scientifically rigorously researched and backed up, reproducibly punchy method has been created in it. It is exactly the kind of method that is accepted by the scientific mainstream, but innovative compared to traditional therapeutic methods.

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Why do other successful people recommend Bence and his materials?

Besides the 700+ coaching, the development of small and medium enterprises, the writing of two professional books (co-authored by Károly Gerendai, György Beck, Éva Hegedüs and Tamás Kürti - The book The Bible of Business Burnout is available here in e-book format (The English version is missing the parts with them above), and major corporate references (such as MVM), the national magazines, radio and TV reports, trainings, conferences and the Swiss invitation, here are some successful and well-known people's opinions as proof:


"Mosolyka", motivational speaker, bestselling author

About the book Results

I love that Bence has put together all these valuable ideas in a book. I find every page of it very useful because I know what background work, action and determination goes into his work. It's the reality instead of mistelling that if you put it into practice, it works! If you don't believe... you know! Go find out...

kristóf GÁL

Klikkmarketing Zrt.

My friend Bence since 2017. Psycho issues are important to me too. I thought that if I invited a guest speaker, it would definitely be him

andrás FELDMÁR


Bence's first book, the Results: a fresh, lush piece of writing that can't hurt to bathe in!

imre BOLYA

Charisma trainer, writer

Bence's book, The Bible of Business Burnout, is an extremely thorough and practical manual that goes beyond its title. If you put into practice what is written, you will not only be light years away from burnout, but you will live a fulfilled, successful and happy life.


Relationship counsellor

I have known Bence for many years and I have come to know him as a very conscious, deep and thorough man. His burnout book is professional both professionally and on the level of actionable ideas. He has a lot to offer to all entrepreneurs and "dreamers of bigger things".

dániel BÁNKUTI

Music industry specialist

I recommend not only both of Bence's books, but also his work to everyone, it is valuable on all fronts!


Guinness record holder extreme athlete

The younger you are, the more chance you have to look at the world around you with fresh eyes. My friend Bence was looking for knowledge in big letters years ago, and now it's good to see where the road leads when you're determined to pursue knowledge.

imre BEDŐ

Férfiak Klubja

(Men's Club)

The book is essentially for all urban jungle dwellers, through the example of entrepreneurs. Engaging and personal, using authentic sources as pillars. A true adventure in self-discovery and life planning. Bence Bíró "only" gives you a handhold, knowledge and strength. Plenty! If you have a vague idea that you need to take action, take the opportunity. The book is a help for you.

roland BÍRÓ

founder of Árukereső.hu

It's weird and very inspiring to work with Bence. It is strange because I rarely meet someone who is so thorough and focused. He is not satisfied with his talent, but he works hard to succeed. He gets inside your biggest problems and offers solutions. His book is an "aha" moment collection.

For applications with a foreign address (not Hungarian):

Important information on the schema therapy commitment

The minimum commitment period is six months!

The average treatment plan for a schema therapy is typically 1-3 years, which is why half a year is the minimum period of time to commit to if you decide to work together. This is crucial for the best results. Of course, if necessary, the schema therapy can be continued after this period.

How much does it cost?

The discounted price for the first, assessment interview is HUF 30 000 (or the equivalent in EUR/USD at the current exchange rate). The need for this is explained above. A survey session is compulsory before committing to the process of the schema therapy!

Additional sessions will cost 49 000 HUF + VAT (total gross 62 230 HUF; or the equivalent in USD/EUR at the current exchange rate), scheduled on a weekly basis to ensure adequate effectiveness. According to individual preference, all this can be done online or in person in Budapest, in the XIII district.

What help can I expect?

Between online or face-to-face sessions, included in the price of the sessions e-mail assistance is also available if you feel it is necessary.

I will also provide you with additional content in various formats (video aids, professional questionnaires for assessment and evaluation, diaries, lists, knowledge material).

I have seen it cheaper somewhere, why?

The calendars of each and every specialist in schema therapy are full, resulting in very long waiting lists (up to several years!). I've freed up time on top of my existing services so I can get you an immediate appointment, so you don't have to wait years for the opportunity to have a session of Schema Therapy. As an illustration, compared to my previous service, coaching, where one session costs 74 990 HUF + Hungarian VAT (27%), I can offer you a more affordable price in today's changing world.

How can I pay?

Payment is made by bank transfer, but it is possible to pay in parts.

Payment can be made in the following currencies: HUF, EUR, USD.

Want to improve yourself, your colleagues or your company?

For applications with a foreign address (not Hungarian):

Or just give me a call on +36 30 690 33 11 and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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